Sweet Daily Cafe Alkalineade

Welcome to Sweet Daily Cafe! We are a Riverside CA dessert cafe specializing in cakes, churros, shaved ice, churros and more.

Started in 2016 by Mike Sung, we take pride in creating delicious desserts that you can feel confident enjoying, serving to your guests or serving to your children.

Your Riverside CA Dessert Cafe

Besides creating fresh cakes, cookies, and sweet treats on a daily basis, our bakers also specialize in creating custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and catering corporate events.

What makes Sweet Daily Cafe different than our competitors is that you can stop by and enjoy a delicious slice of cake and bring that same cake home to your family without it losing the same quality or freshness when you enjoyed it at our cafe.


Changing The Dessert World One Sweet Treat At A Time

When you first enter Sweet Daily Cafe you will notice, besides our friendly staff, is that our desserts are different than the traditional store bought cakes that you might find in your neighborhood grocery store.

We’re different because we create our desserts daily and take pride in not only creating sweet treats that taste good but also have great presentation value as well.

Stop By For Savory Items Too!

Sweet Daily Cafe doesn’t just offer cakes or sweet treats in our Riverside Ca Dessert cafe, we also offer savory items like churro dogs and potato balls.

You can also find refreshing drinks at our cafe like iced coffees, alkaline-ade, teas and vitamin infused water.